Posted by: leslielpc | October 9, 2012

CBT and Men

I love CBT.  I have seen over and over again what a difference it can make for someone when they are challenged with anxiety, depression, weight loss, relationship issues, or other challenges.  I also think that CBT is a great therapy for men especially when compared to other forms of therapy. CBT addresses well a man’s need for self-reliance and control.  When many people think about therapy, they think they are going to have to divulge everything that happened during their childhood, constantly tell how they feel about everything and just rehash over and talk about their problems.  CBT does not work that way.  Sure, we may talk a bit about how your life was for you when you were growing up, and yes, on occasion, I may ask you how you feel, but CBT is a very goal-oriented, action-oriented type of therapy.  We’ll look at the problems or challenges in your life, decide on a goal related to that, then look at how you are currently thinking about those problems or challenges.  ALL of us have negative, distorted and irrational thoughts about situations.  We identify those thoughts and identify more realistic productive thoughts to apply to those situations.  Not only does this help to decrease the intensity of negative emotions, but once we “feel” better, we are then able to address those problems with more success (think of it this way, when you are really angry, are you able to think straight and deal with things as well as when you aren’t angry?).  This is really just the tip of the iceberg with CBT, but it gives you an idea of how the process works.  Bottom line is, let’s set some goals and do something about the problem, not just talk about it.

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