Posted by: leslielpc | October 23, 2012

Oh what a difference a word can make!

Did you know that you can work to reduce or eliminate one word in your vocabulary and it will make a significant difference for you?  What is that word, you ask?  It is the word “should”!  Think about it.   How many times do you say, “gee, I should do this or that”, or “they should or should not do such and such”? When we use the word “should” in that way, we create a significant amount of stress, tension and disappointment for ourselves, not to mention that it is an irrational word.   A better word to use might be prefer or in my/their best interest.  For example, rather than say, “my friend should meet me on time”, I could say,  “I would prefer if my friend would meet me on time”.   By changing the wording, I will decrease the negative emotions related to that event.  Instead of being angry, I will likely just be irritated.  If I am irritated, I am in a better state of mind to address the situation, or perhaps, now just irritated, I decide to let it go.  Try it…..see how many times throughout the day you use the word “should”, then change your wording and see how YOU are able to then change how you feel.


  1. I learned this years ago but it still causes me trouble

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